About me +

My skills!

web sites and apps design

Expirienced in HTML5/CSS3/JS designing. Interested in responsive web design, i am using twitter bootstrap and zurb Foundation framework for mobile/desktop apps.I also have 3 years experience in JQuery API and custom javascript libraries.

agile web development

Highly expirienced in python web frameworks - special django and flask - for rapid web development and complex database systems or web apps. I have my custom django apps that i use in development, and i am building a custom CMS with django.

database administration

Special skills in database system management, adminstration and maintenance. Mostly worked with relational SQL RMDBs - POstgreSQL, MySQL, sqlite and ORACLE. Experience ORM systems (Django / JavaEE)

Standalone applications

Java - Python programming for desktop stand-alone application for most operating systems. Intergration with GIT and Mercurial SVC systems, experience in software engineering patterns and algorithms.

NLP web analysis tools & systems

My diploma thesis was about wiki techonologies and linguistic analysis about Wikipedia content quality. For that perpose i build a complete self-ranking system using a baesyan network with different values and weights.

data structures and algorithms

I have build several projects with neural networks, baesyan distribution, genetic algoriythm systems and artificial inteligence. Special love for data structures and searching algorithms including binary trees and multidimensional data structures.